Women in Action Sports to get $100,000 in grant from AMEX and NBC


Would be amazing if you could vote for Women in Action Sports tonight before 11:30pm EST, 8:30pm PST

We could get a grant for $100,000 provided by AMEX and NBC! Very cool.

You do need to create an account, just use a your designated newsletter email address.

Please follow these steps sometime before 8:30pm tonight PST (Sunday).

1) First register here (this is the pain in the ass part, the rest is easy):


2) Then go to: then go to …


3) …and just press “endorse this story“ on the left hand side

Thank you!!! It means A LOT to us.

A bit about the Women in Action Sports Organization:

Women in Action Sports (WIAS) provides a platform for women athletes and entrepreneurs to engage, prosper and accomplish individual goals in a male-dominated industry of Action Sports. This is an organization formed by professional female athletes and business entrepreneurs for women who are currently in the Action Sports industry, fellow professional athletes and those aspiring for new opportunities.

There is strength in numbers when we’re united in a common goal and your individual membership and participation is an important component. No matter what your background or level of experience, with guidance from fellow successful women leaders and experts goals can be achieved. We provide quality events, seminars and other activities.

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