VAustralia contest update: KIIS FM thinks I’m psychic!!!!!! Branson what do you think?

You guys decide. Here are the sequence of messages:

Would you think you are the winner if you received these?

"Keep trying"

"Keep trying"



"Sorry, winner selected"

"Sorry, winner selected"

Thank you everyone for your support on Facebook, Twitter, your emails….  So my attorney contacted KIIS FM on my behalf after they didn’t show care while talking to me.

And here’s a paragraph from the KIIS response to this situation: (By the way I am more than happy to share the full email at request. Just don’t want to crowd the screen.)

Ms. Devora is not a winner in this contest and it is clear that she knows she is not a winner…… (Yea since you guys have told me you made an internal mistake I can see that you are not honoring the winning message. That’s no secret. But the screams of excitement when I received the winning message and having witnesses seeing me texting in suspense hoping I would win. Plus staying up the whole night waiting for the “call you soon” phone call. That can not be faked.)

The fact that Ms. Devora spent so much time and effort trying to guess a future winning word does not mitigate the fact that she did not follow the contest rules as posted. The rules are clear.  The Text For A Trip word is revealed each and every hour and KIIS FM never revealed the word “Branson” – and we have airchecks of every word revealed as part of this contest to prove this point.  We also have the text records that we received from Ms. Devora (based upon the cell phone number that she gave us via email) that supports our contention that she entered the contest and attempted to be a winner on at least two occasions and then she apparently attempted to try another word, apparently at random, to win the contest.

Let’s get something straight, I have NEVER entered any sort of radio contest and don’t have a clue as to how they function other than I heard the DJ say text a word to a specific number so I did and I kept getting  “Try Again” messages until I received the “Congratulations” message and then in disbelief I tried again and it said “Sorry we have our winner”. And I thought to myself OMG I actually am the winner. That’s when the screams of excitement started. SO Mister KIIS FM I am not psychic. I only played your game to be with my hero on my birthday. And whether your systems made an error or not how can you possibly feel okay allowing any listener the joy of winning something so important only to have a tech glitch. The thing is that even if the DJ messed up and said the keyword by mistake, just the fact that I received a winning message should be reason to care.

And no I wasn’t offered any sort of consolation prize for playing.

2 Responses to “VAustralia contest update: KIIS FM thinks I’m psychic!!!!!! Branson what do you think?”

  1. nguyen duong February 26, 2009 at 12:18 pm #

    i’m blackballing KISS-FM from my presets.

  2. Atomic Shroom March 1, 2009 at 9:20 am #

    And so it goes…beter luck next time.

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