The power of positivity and possibility will make you all the cash you need, promise

I read “The Alchemist” when I was 14 and it was then that I began to make my way of life -  ‘if you believe in something with all your heart and it is backed by good, the whole universe will conspire to bring you the tools you need to achieve that dream.’

No one has any special power or ability over and beyond the next person. Seriously. I know that it’s easy to make up victimizing excuses like lack of – money, connections, experience, resources.  But then explain Oprah, Neale Donald, JK Rowling, Marshall Mathers. Or how about these brands… Have you heard of them; Whole Foods, Coors, APPLE (Yup!) , Nordstrom, DELL.

Here is where I truly believe the magic is…

(be sure to read this article from a Canadian paper that went out last week… We started with nothing but an open mind)

  • Define your core competency (What’s one thing you are really good at?)
  • Explore what your dream professional lifestyle would be (… to be in a music studio? marketing brainstorm sessions? attending networking events? cooking? working on cars?…)
  • Consider the possibility that your work CAN be your passion
  • Now think up where what you are good at meets what excites you

So for me, what I am good at is networking/connecting/giving and what excites me is business. The structure and growth of an organization is mind blowing.  Effectively orchestrating people, skill sets and innovation really makes a powerful impact on the economy,  individual dreams and the good for humanity. For me, that is true magic.

I apply this by looking within my own company to focus on partnerships that would be mutually beneficial between people and companies in order to compliment the growth of my business and the businesses I work with.

  • What’s key is to maintain positivity

What we focus on expands. So lets consider the “possibility” of “positivity” in order to find solutions when it seems as though none exist. At times like these, with our world in flux, it’s hard to keep your head high. I know some of you are worried about losing your jobs or have already. Banks have gone bust. The atmosphere is deteriorating.  But will all these dark thoughts lead to more light?

  • Implementation

It’s up to you to make your dream life happen. No one is going to do it for you.

  • Keep a quality team surrounding you

The people who surround you, define you.  So in order to reach your desired goals you need a team to keep you strong and support you along the way.  It’s not easy going after a planted seed before it has begun to grow and you can’t yet physically see it.   So one by one start to chose teammates who embody the qualities you desire and make those people your silent mentors and partners in your success.  Maybe one person is amazing at finances and another is great at understanding the investment world and a third is an expert in legal and a fourth is an entrepreneur in the same industry you want to pursue.  It’s important all these people maintain a positive attitude and can be your support during the hard times.

  • Giving back

And remember its not a one way relationship. It’s just as important to give back, as it is to believe and to implement.  The energy and productivity that stimulate from giving back is magnetic. If you don’t believe me just read “Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and David Mann.  This book was given to me by a wonderful woman who attended one of my seminars and said that she felt moved to gift the book to me. Thank you Gretchen.


  • Lastly, it takes work to live the dream.  Don’t be fooled. In order to become an “overnight success” you need to work at it for a while.

Just read this article that went out last week… We started with nothing but an open mind

Halifax News Net
We started with nothing but an open mind

By Lori McKay – The Weekly News

Lawn Care
Opening your own business can be a challenge. But at 15, Phil Duffenais of Cole Harbour has decided to give it a go. The Grade 10 Auburn Drive student had been cutting his neighbours’ lawns for the past three years, and this spring he decided to make it a full-fledged business. He started DC Lawn Services and opened it through the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. “I have three employees under my belt, we are paying them competitive wages, we pay taxes, and we started with nothing but an open mind,” Duffenais said in an email.

He was granted a small loan of $2,500 through the Students in Business program, and he made the cash go a long way. He bought a few lawn mowers and everything else he might need for lawn maintenance, including a truck to transport his equipment.

“It’s not the easiest thing to get a loan when you’re 15, and I’d like other youth to know that there are opportunities like this out there. Maybe some other kid might decide to start up a business, too. They wouldn’t be our competition, there’s lots of work out there,” he said.

Duffenais isn’t old enough to get a driver’s licence yet, so he brought on his friend Evan Cunningham, 16, to work with him. Cunningham is also set to become co-owner of the business next season.

Before this spring, Cunningham had never cut a lawn before, but says he is getting his fill now. They are currently working six hours most days after school and 14 hours per day on the weekends.?After they get caught up and school is out for the summer, Duffenais said they should be able to go down to five hours a day and only on weekdays. Duffenais said next year he’d like to get another crew going with a few guys and another truck.

“But we’re focused on getting a handle on this season first,” he admitted.
At the moment, DC Lawn Services has 35 full-time clients and are on track to make between $25,000 and $35,000 (before expenses) over the summer.

In addition to mowing lawns, the company also does gardening, mulching and lawn makeovers. “We do everything from planting trees and edging to laying sod,” said Duffenais.

The young entrepreneurs have high hopes for the business and are still looking for new properties in Dartmouth, Cole Harbour and Eastern Passage.
For information, call 222-5023 or visit

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