So this happened. Social media case studies.

Not all social media activity can be tracked.  Next time you get asked what the return on investment (ROI) is for social media and you start seraching for social media case studies just share this post.

Social Media Case Study

(1) Zach posts a cool link on Facebook about 2 friends experimenting dating for 40 days.

I click, think it is awesome and write a blog post about it. [publicity for them].

The blog post I wrote.

(2) I email the people doing the experiment to say I love what they are doing since I am outsourcing my love life too [new fan for them]

(3) and they wrote back [new fan for me]

(4) The site is so well done I explore who the web developer is and reach out [new contact for him]

The web developers portfolio.

(5) Introduce him to Sortfolio founder [another new contact for him]

(6) Shira shares the 40 day experiment link I posted to my FB on her FB status [even more publicity for them]

(7) Then today my friend emails me that she is looking to hire an awesome developer for her software company so I make an introduction [job opp for him].

I guess social media does work  … it all started with Zach sharing…

dating as friends

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