Hi thispopupisannoying (at) makesmewannaleave.com, Nice to meet you

Today I got an email in my notification box alerting me someone new signed up for my company SaveBusinessTime.com   The email they used for their log in is this - thispopupisannoying@makesmewannaleave.com. HUGE SAD FACE. Actually what this person thought to be a “pop up box” is only a “log in box” and it doesn’t attach your email to any email list whatsoever.   I just happen not to be talented at web design so I didn’t know how to create a sophisticated log in process, therefore I settled for one that turns out people interpret as a spam movement (seen below). Sucks.

log in box

Not new news though.  I had already planned on changing it, just takes me some time.  I’ve only had it active about a week now.

When my company went from alpha stage, displaying a landing page with a video of me on it to say hello, (seen below) to the beta site, what it is now, I thought everyone would be so excited they no longer had to sign up for a list.


The one thing I didn’t want to miss out on by no longer having a hello page was getting to know everyone; the people taking their time to visit my website.  I mean, these are moments out of their day seeking a solution and if I am able to give them the solution they need, I will.  It’s a lofty goal I know, but it’s important to me.

For example, when people initially entered their email on my “hello page” / the alpha version, I would compose a very genuine email and send it via Aweber, an email list program, and that  email would go out to everyone at once.  Though my open rate was high and I did get responses back from my heartfelt, trying not to be your normal mass email, email, something still felt off.  It wasn’t personal enough.  People didn’t really get I do, in fact, truly care about their success.  I built the site with that intent in mind, to genuinely save each person time and help solve time management issues in running their businesses. The site I would have wanted when I first became an entreprenuer.

social profile espree devora

example of rapportive

That’s when I revisited a Gmail plug in called Rapportive which tells me the social landscape of each person who emails me (see screenshot). One day I got a notification email from Aweber  telling me someone had signed up on the “Hello page” and to the right of my inbox the Rapportive information popped up about the person.  It occurred to me I could truly get to know each person on “my list” as much as possible before emailing them and send a personal one on one email to say hello. I started doing that and now I have emailed 100s of people direct personal emails tailored just for them. Its taken me hours and hours, but totally worth it.  It is so rewarding knowing that people can experience I am not a spam bot and I can get to know what their awesome companies are all about. Thanks Rapportive!

SO as you can see, in removing that hello page to replace it with a log in system we would miss out on getting to know one another. However, my log in box design seems to be pissing people off.  Obviously that is not what I am going for. So yes Mister  thispopisisannoying, don’t worry I am working on changing it, but my heart was in the right place.

Most importantly, “Hello thispopupisannoying@makesmewannaleave.com, nice to meet you :)


I published this blog post not even an hour ago and already got this back. My heart is smiling…


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