Paint Lab’s Christina Suwa is Marketing Manager of the century with support from top brands

Last night I was blown away by what Christina Suwa can pull off in only 3 weeks of planning. Most people take at least a year to plan an event and still get poor attendance and/or poor coverage. Not Christina. Media poured in to cover the sardine packed event with just enough room to savor the delicious treats as appetizers passed by regularly throughout the night prepared by Bravo’s “Top Chef” Stefan Richter.  Tasty beverages provided by big names like Hansen promoting their new tea and Nestle showing off their new beauty in a bottle drink GLOWELLE. Then for a little Me Time, beautifully wrapped gift bags filled with Neutrogena face wash and POP eye liner. Wearing my new cool silver eye liner now. Paint Lab (2912  Main Street, Santa Monica, CA) is a perfect date joint to express creativity – be it novice or pro any person who wants to splash some color onto canvas is welcome. Live music was perfect. JETT vodka provided the spark in our Cranberry juice replacing my Madras with a drink called Jett Fuel. I just can’t say enough good things about this awesome event. To top it off the support Venice Magazine shares with their community is unstoppable. Apparently they assisted in spreading the good word about Paint Labs opening and treated each guest to their magazine.  I’m definitely now a fan if I wasn’t before. Christina is a must for any event if you want your big soiree to be orchestrated to perfection.

From Christina after reading this post… Thank you so much for your kind words, but I must say that I cannot take credit for pulling off this entire event myself.  I had the support of numerous people, including Paige Petrone from Venice Magazine who was instrumental in securing our drink sponsors and providing me with fantastic leads on different vendors.  Kelly Albright helped with securing the entertainment and lighting.  And I’ve had the incredible support of PAINT:LAB’s owners/partners Oana Bogdan and Melanie Cote.  It is because of this fabulous team of people that I can say we pulled off an incredibly successful and fun event!

Are you the next Picasso?

Are you the next Picasso?

Bravo's Top Chef  Stefan Richter

HIRE Top Chef Stefan Richter - his food is heaven in your mouth. No joke!

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