My Personal Assistant

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Years ago BEFORE Tim Ferriss’s book “the 4 Hour Work Week” hit the bookstores I stumbled upon an amazing resource via the invite only, socialite and powerhouse exclusive social network called aSmallWorld. I have been a super fan ever since I started using this insanely affordable personal assistant to make phone calls for me, do research, make reservations, find me gifts. Basically anything I can think of. Only costs me $32 a month. NOT KIDDING and they do everything! They’ve since been reviewed by all the mainstream networks, CNN, FOX and yes Tim Ferriss advocates them in his book. - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

This is my FAVORITE COMPANY by far. Its the Netflix for business cards and receipts. Shoeboxed is the easiest way to scan receipts and business cards. I stick my documents in a postage paid blue envelope and ship it off, magically all details from the docs are accurately entered into my personal database and I receive all my docs safe and sound back at my office. AMAZING!!! Has saved me enormous amounts of money through the years. Got you a free trial to see was a gift this is from business heaven. Click here to Save $10 on any Shoeboxed Mail-In plan.