It’s May, almost half way through the year – Life Check


Today is May 1st.  It is also a day I planned to go to yet another conference. Plus have an invitation to attend a private mixer. The mixer is later this afternoon, about 2 hours away, with some savvy business people, so I’d have to choose to miss some of the conference. This is in addition to the miles of emails with people requesting meetings and favors.  I woke up at 4 this morning just to get computer work done before my boot camp style workout.

After exercising  I was rushing back home in a frenzy trying to decide where my best use of time would be spent; the conference,  the mixer, both, the office… I stopped to ask myself, “What is it that I am hustling for… What do I want in my life?”  I feel the most fulfilled when I slow down, but most times slowing down seems impossible. I have a daily case of professional FOMO, as my friend Frank from TechCocktail calls it, (‘fear of missing out’). Anytime I even think about doing something for my personal life I am drenched in guilt about not doing something work related and when I can’t do it “all” for my professional life I freak out that I am not being “successful” enough. How is this any way to live?

My morning work outs have become a ritual I look forward to. I don’t feel any pressure to “get thin fast” because I decided by December of this year I would achieve the physical look I desire. A full year to achieve a goal seems reasonable  To do that I simply have to wake up every morning and ‘show up’ to my work out and eat mindful foods throughout the day. Recognizing I am not perfect, sometimes I miss a work out or eat a cookie, but I know that as long as I keep it up most of the time I should have no problem reaching my December goal.

What if I apply that “long term” singular focus to my company? What do I need to do today that will create the results I want “tomorrow”?  While ranting to my ex business partner last night, who is still one of my best friends, he said for years I have mentioned this thought… “I wonder what I am capable of if I focused on just one professional project for 30 days”. Luckily I have an awesome remote team to help me get things done for my company. I don’t know how I would get anything done without them. Right now my schedule is filled with events, speaking engagements, helping people, errands and with the time left over I do computer work directly related to my company tasks usually to the point of exhaustion until all I want to do is zone out and I am left with no time to socialize with friends. I meet more people than I can follow up with. I spend more time conversing than implementing.

chasing_timeA couple days ago I spoke to my girlfriend who works for Deloitte and asked what she thought I should do to reach my company goals. It all came back to consistency.  Yes meeting connections is great, but consistency is what leads to success.  At least it seems that way. There is only one way to find out if that method is what works for me. So for the next 30 days, starting today, I want to focus on just my company, on creating content for my company, putting systems in place, on stabilizing my start up. I already feel the jitters like a drug addict afraid of missing the high.  That’s what mixers, meetings and conferences are, chasing the high meeting new people to potentially strike deals and engage in seemingly elite business conversations.  That high can wait. 30 days from now the last thing I will feel is in a hurry because I will have already arrived.


Just a note: A month ago I was booked to speak at General Assembly on May 16th in Los Angeles for an Intro to Start Ups event to share how to connect with LA influencers.  I won’t break a commitment and do look forward to seeing you there. This also goes for clients I am already working with of course.

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