Lessons learned deleting my email accounts on my BlackBerry

Michael Schaecher tweeted me today “Sounds like an experiment worthy of a blog post…’Lessons learned about not using email on my BlackBerry for a _____’ ” after sharing with him that I deleted my email accounts on my blackberry in order to focus on a project for the week. I starred at my cell today  like I didn’t know if it was the red or green cord that would trigger the bomb when I cut it.  Finally I thought of Jason Calacanis‘s recent email list controversy where he shared he was deleting his Facebook account.  He explained deactivating was an option as well and isn’t the same as deleting if his peers want to follow suit. You could reactivate it at any time and your facebook profile will  be as you left it. Phew. So I thought, why not deactivate my Blackberry emails and focus on results, friends, reading and maybe getting a foot massage at my favorite place on Westwood Blvd. Wish me luck! I’m already getting the jitters.

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