Learn how to make $20,000 dollars while stuck in LA traffic

Driving in parking lot style stop and go Los Angeles traffic SUCKS…. usually. I was bummed I had to go to a meeting  because I was eager to watch Nev’s video antics in a course I purchased an hour before about how he made $20,000 by selling a course online. Nev is the main course creator at AppSumo and hilarious. It never feels like I am studying business when I watch his content.  It’s more like an informative comedy routine where I just happen to learn how to increase revenue while I am laughing my ass off. So this time, during my drive from Santa Monica to Hollywood in the 5 o’ clock rush hour I decided to use my smart phone with my beloved Bose earbuds to listen to fresh off the digital shelf  “Course about Building a Course” pictured to the right.

Tony Robbins suggests doing something we love while doing a task we can’t stand will trick our mind into loving tasks we usually despise. My addiction to learning definitely goes into the same bucket as my love for sushi, house music on Pandora and indie movies.

I remember first watching Nev’s “Kopywriting Kourse”. There was one scene where he is talking about how addicted he is to copywriting, so much so that he doesn’t notice a top 10 Victoria Secrets like model sitting on his bed. I know what you are thinking… ‘business…how is this about business?’ The videos ARE completely about teaching us skills to be the best entrepreneurs we can be. He just makes sure  the delivery of the education is engaging and never stale or boring. He actually has a mission that with every video course he wants us to be able to make at least 10x back what we spent on the course in a year and 100x back over our lifetime.

So next time you are about to go postal on the road maybe press play on a cool course first to distract you from the monotony. I know after my supposed 30 minute commute that in actuality took 2 hours completed I was bummed to press pause when I arrived to my destination.

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  1. jonah July 10, 2012 at 8:16 am #

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    • Espree Devora October 19, 2012 at 1:29 am #

      You may enjoy checking out incomediary.com to help :) Also check out Kajabi.com

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