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About Gary: Im a life enthusiast with an insatiable hunger for more. I dream of what I want, go for it then analyze it after. This process is called dreamlining. Dreamlining has helped me through my whole life from skateboarding, language learning to transforming my body. I’m a serial investor that analyzes every opportunity presented. Born into a family business that I worked at for 7 years before realizing I didn’t want to pursue it. I’ve always been a nomad at heart, so I hit the road again, but this time for something more then a stint of luxury lifestyle. I hit the road for an experience of life, not knowing what will be next I documented much of my travels and learned many lessons along the way. I plan on sharing them with you as I live different lives and continue to explore the best things life has to offer. “SOME WILL LAUGH MANY WILL FOLLOW”-G

* * *

I’m finally realizing that this fascination of business isn’t just a fad- I’ve been fascinated by it since I was an adolescent. Haggling for a Go- Kart, setting up not lemonade, but Iced Tea and Rice Crispy Treat stands instead, just so i could abolish all competition before it even started . For me it’s a game… instead of sitting on the couch playing video games I play this- business. It’s all very relevant, I too have levels to beat, problems to solve and girlfriend’s definitely want to shut it off.

I realized just how seriously addicting the game was when I looked back on a vacation my father and I took for some nice, relaxing, father/son bonding. At the time I had been working with him at our auto body shop for a while, and we needed some time together away from the chaos of the business. (I would recommend this to any family business’). So it started the night before while lying in my bed. The anticipation of going to the Dominican Republic in the morning had me up thinking. I always thought about how no matter what tourist spot you go to there’s always peddlers selling pretty much all of the the same stuff. I mean, the people that live in these areas most likely don’t vacation often themselves (maybe never), so I was sure they would love some American goods. Shirts, shoes, cologne.

With that I hopped out of bed and started throwing lightly used clothing and shoes into a laundry bag. The next morning I woke up and threw my stuff in the cab. My father looked at the laundry bag like “what the $%#! is that?!” I told him that I had an idea to make money in DR, and as any self respecting Entrepreneur would do, he patted me on the back not even knowing how I would do it. Upon landing we got off the plane and headed to the shuttles to find a ride to the hotel. As usual, a ton of locals ran up to give us a ride and I chose one that I thought would love the lightly used Iverson sneakers that I had brought. I asked him how much for the ride and he said “$30 dollars for the two of you”. I then looked down at his shoes, confidently reached into my bag and said “How about some Iverson sneakers?”. His face lit up and we were on our way. My father looked at me and said, “Relaxing?”.

I told you- it’s what I like to do. After tipping cleaning ladies and waiters for the best seat’s in the house with pants, shirts, and my sister’s thought-to-be old perfumes I still had half of the bag left over. On our final day there we were on the beach lounging and the last thing I wanted to do was take these clothes back on the plane. So, my a.d.d. kicked in. I hopped up, grabbed the bag from the room, and started wandering down to the beach area where the armed guards don’t protect you anymore.

Wearing a Ginzo chain and wife beater I strolled past the shanty’s. One by one the people started to ask “ whats in the bag?” and they where so sketchy I remember telling them “coconuts”. I found a decent little shop and purposed my offer- to unload my stuff for money or some of there things. Well, I got all of my souvenirs and also paid for the cigarettes that I smuggled back into the states… not to mention having home made Mamajuana with some genuine local people.

The point I’m trying to get at is this stuff should be fun for you! Take a step back. Think.. Was the story I just told you so far fetched from any experience you’ve had? If so, I believe this game isn’t for you, and maybe you should think about pursuing another life, because that’s what it is- Life. If it isn’t to far off maybe you too have found your passion and you didn’t even know it, Business!

Have fun, stay semi-legal :) take it slow and stay confident. The more fun you’re having …. well the more fun your having!.

“Some Will Laugh, Many Will Follow”

-Gary C Misner Jr.


Afterword from Espree:

I met Gary when Tim Ferriss featured that video above. He absolutely opened my mind to the possibility of letting go of all my rules and follow my dreams. Since we’ve met he launched a laundry pick up service in New York City. For a flat fee of $8 a delivery man will come pick up your laundry and drop it at the mat! Really freakin cool. I remember when I lived in the City it was so annoying constantly going to the Laundromat. Gary is always inspiring me with ways to market a new business. Check out his most recent guerilla marketing in the photo above.

What’s the the one thing you have been wanting to do that you have been putting off? Please share in the comments!

gary misner and espree devora at big omaha

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  1. Mark Choo October 17, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    Hey great post thank you for sharing, and that Four-Hour-Work-Week video Rocks!

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