IN SHOCK that I got More Video Views on Mobile Devices! than via search engine

So I am working on a video test project.  And I haven’t paid much attention to analytics as that isn’t the purpose of the project. But last night I was reading Eric Ries (Lean Start Ups) guest blog post on Tim Ferriss’s blog (Four Four Work Week) about “Vanity Metrics vs Actionable Metrics”

He emphasized how vital it is to not only observe the page views per month and what users are doing on your site, (as we all have become accustomed to doing) BUT rather first pay special attention to the discovery process that brought them to your site.

So I went into YouTube and was absolutely SHOCKED when on a recent test video out of 41 views 37! were from a mobile device.  The numbers are small but it is definitely something I am taking note of to pay attention to moving forward.

Mobile Views on YouTube

Eric Ries: How To Build Your Company WITH Your Users on Mixergy

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