“How can I benefit you?” … is it really that scary of a question…

I get A LOT of emails, tweets, Facebook messages, LinkedIn requests and phone calls looking to connect with me for my resources and/or partnerships. I’m excited to share the wealth and see those around me succeed.  If I believe in you, not just your product, I typically find a mutually beneficial opportunity to connect someone to.  As the years go on the requests are multiplying in order to run my company effectively of course I need to be careful with my time managment.  Jason Fried of 37 Signals blocks out specific weekly phone hours to connect with customers, business education seekers and fans.  So as of late after receiving a request I respond with the questions, “What goal are you looking to achieve….how can I help?” And people seem to not know how to react.  I am not looking or expecting anything in return and that just seems confusing to most.  This is probably why the basic utility of social media seems  so complicated.  It is indeed basic.  You listen to your audience and what their interests are and then you offer resource or insights based on their interest. That’s it.  Pretty simple right? Or am I the one missing something…. :)   I welcome your feedback.

This week I am reading “Getting Real” by 37 Signals AMAZING insights and perspective on how to manage time and build an effective organization. It’s been sitting on my desk for about a year to read. I wish I picked it up sooner. It’s that good.

37signals book Getting Real

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