F Fear – Defeat your self image and take action, Thank you Alex Maroko

I read this today from entrepreneur Alex Maroko creator of Basketball Fit. It’s inspiring.

Fear is built to prevent us from being HURT. But IRONICALLY, it’s our FEAR of <insert your fear> that actually HURTS US, while ACTUALLY acting (or taking action) HELPS US.

The reason that we feel fear is that it is our way of psychologically preventing ourselves from having a self-image crash…our ego can’t stand the punishment.

We have to see things AS THEY ARE, and therefore FREE OURSELVES of the threat to our self-image, since we understand that there is no CORRELATION between our self-image and reality.

The more that we acknowledge where we’ve deluded ourselves for the sole sake of preserving a FALSE self-image, the more we can IMPROVE ourselves in the REAL WORLD, and not just IN OUR HEADS.

Step back, let go and live. F fear.

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