Connect external monitors to new Mac Book

This week I wanted to connect my external VGA monitor to my new Mac Book.  I googled what cord I needed and quickly found it was called Mini DVI. Perfect right. So I went to the APPLE store. Dealt with finding a parking spot in busy LA, ran into the store before closing time, grabbed a Mini DVI and double checked with the cashier that I got the right connector. So excited to get that second screen set up I rushed back to the office ready to pull an exciting dual screen all nighter. To my dismay it was the wrong cord.  Apparently the lovely Mister Apple changed the cord to something called a “Display Mini DVI” and it was 10 dollars more.  Umm way to make some extra bucks Apple.  So just a heads up for everyone who purchased the new mac book last October and the one that launched this week Apple now uses this new cord.

Even with all this fiascal. Once you go MAC you don’t go back.

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Formerly a PC Advocate

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