Notes from Richard Branson … “Interested in creating things I can be proud of”

A few years ago I snuck into an event in Miami, Florida where Jane Pauley was interviewing Sir Richard Branson.  Amidst my work today I found the notes I took in 2005 and felt inspired.  I thought I’d share them with you.

By the way, he’ll be in LA October 26th thanks to Dan and Luis at Perfect Business. Connect with me beforehand if you decide to go. :)

Human interaction is an art…

Branson is interested in “creating things I can be proud of.”

Success is easier with 300 businesses than it was with just a couple. It’s all survival in the beginning.

The secret to success is learning new things.

Spend 3-4 months learning everything about that new business…. ask yourself “how can I benefit others.”

Business is a way of life.

“A brand is only as good as my product…  “In that sense customers will try the next thing I launch.”

Bring attention to your brand. One thing he does is creates crazy stunts.

“Companies that look after their people are companies that do well.”

Most important thing in working for a company is to ask yourself, ‘is anyone listening to me? am I being ignored?’

Employees first, customers second.

Create an idea I’d like to be a part of. BE the consumer.

“The best never disappears.”

Have a charitable organization, more than just a business.

Be attentive to employee concerns.

Master the art of delegation …”I’ve had 300 seperate companies and never had a company go bankrupt. Reputation is important.”

Give freedom and stake in the business to your team when starting a new company.

Customer Service is gold. Get out there and talk to your customers.  Connect with them. Don’t stay behind a desk. Personalization.

The internet is the most powerful tool.

Use every resource possible.  When he started the airline he says everyone thought he was crazy. Always try to protect the downside.

Lastly Branson said… he is still nervous… even now.

Books that have inspired him. Mandela’s biography and “A Short History of Nearly Everything

Click here for a FULL transcript of the interview

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  1. sourish July 20, 2009 at 4:35 am #

    Sir Richard Branson is the name of creating history.I have felt a lot of things for which i can admire sir richard branson.A man with his caliber can provide the best atchitecture of life and creating business.

  2. babai July 20, 2009 at 4:39 am #

    Reading this article about Sir Richard Branson who has created a history in making business his ultimate glory,we thanks jane pauley from whom i can read this article.

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