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It’s May, almost half way through the year – Life Check

1 May

Today is May 1st.  It is also a day I planned to go to yet another conference. Plus have an invitation to attend a private mixer. The mixer is later this afternoon, about 2 hours away, with some savvy business people, so I’d have to choose to miss some of the conference. This is in addition to Read more…

Get a virtual assistant to do full time work for $160 a month

2 Apr

I’ve been working with virtual assistants for years. There are a ton of business tasks I can’t stand doing because they take an immense amount of time and aren’t the things I need to be doing to push my company forward. Some of the tasks are data entry, scanning business cards, internet research, product comparison Read more…

Learn how to make $20,000 dollars while stuck in LA traffic

27 Jan

Driving in parking lot style stop and go Los Angeles traffic SUCKS…. usually. I was bummed I had to go to a meeting  because I was eager to watch Nev’s video antics in a course I purchased an hour before about how he made $20,000 by selling a course online. Nev is the main course Read more…

Great example of Leading with Case Studies

22 Dec


Only this morning, on a business call, did I discover Dustin Maher.  I went to his site to check out who was behind the voice and discovered yet another entrepreneur leading with the results that he has gotten his clients. I had to share this great example. And you can tell they are not some “paid to endorse” or Read more…

Most Social Media Experts Don’t Understand Business

21 Dec

Most “social media experts” don’t have experience growing a profitable business.  Just watch this video…