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Firstly, thanks for picking up Outsourcing Mastery Cheat Sheet, you’re going to learn an incredible amount of powerful knowledge about how real outsourcing can be simple and effective.

What the cheat sheet doesn’t cover are the actual marketing tactics to train your team. That’s usually your job to know how to run your business right…

You’re super lucky because I asked Liam Martin, who oversees 100s, yea 100s! of outsourced workers for his training videos

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II pretty much fell off my chair when I saw them for the first time. Saved me HOURS of work preparing trianing documentation.

By using affiliate traffic we’ve been able to drive thousands visitors to our offers, with ZERO finanical risk, ZERO upfront cash, and in fact at the time no list of our own to reciprocate the mailing (other than what we pretty much got from the initial affiliates)

I was able to focus on building my business and not running it. Such a relief.

It’s 20 high quality training videos to give to virtual staff with step by step text guides in both English and tagalog that cover:

- How to install and customize wordpress

- How to optimize pages for SEO

- How to run an article submission campaign

- How to run a forum marketing campaign

- How to run a video campaign through tubemogul

- How to run a blog commenting campaign

- How to do media buys

- How to manage customers through 1shoppingcart

- How to write an opt in page

- How to set up a ppc campaign with a 7+ quality score

- How to post articles to social media sites
And many more!

I genuinely that with the Outsourcing Mastery Cheat Sheet and these training videos you will gain a tremendous advantage in your business, as you’ll be able to:

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