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Genius, find a tweet, win cash

Find That Tweet

Find a Tweet, Win Money

The Secret Sauce at Zappos made public #Zapposlive

Zappos, a billion dollar online commerce destination, is known for their leadership in customer service. Insights was created as an educational forum to guide entrepreneurs to successfully attain milestones. It was a privilege to be a part of their LIVE event, a revolution in leadership and corporate happiness. One of the speakers at the event, social media maven Brian Solis, said it perfectly, “In the end we’re measured by our actions, not our words.”

Super easy firefox plugins to increase traffic via SEO for blog posts

          My Mom always says half of the world is looking for the other half of the world, but don’t know where to find them.  I guess that is the “interwebs” definition of finding one another – SEO.  I just installed this simple wordtracker plug in I found via Jeremy Morgan Read more…

Have the best design for my website and blog for free through WordPress … NO WAY, that is awesome!

          Thank you Brady at Tube Filter! I have stumbled upon WordPress heaven. Blog oh Blog and Best Word Press Themes . I recently switched from wordpress.COM to wordpress.ORG… A lot of you don’t get what the difference is. Basically WordPress.ORG allows way more customization and flexibility. You do need to Read more…

Tonight Media Bistro’s Social Media class in Hollywood – see you there

          A lot of you ask me to quickly teach you social media. It’s not as quick as its perceived to be. Gary Vaynerchuk himself says if you dedicate an hour then you get an hour’s worth of results. If you dedicate 11 hours then you receive 11 hours worth of Read more…