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Ashton Kutcher on Opportunity, Being Sexy and Life

19 Aug

ashton kutcher teen choice awards

On the recent Teen Choice Awards Ashton Kutcher shared an important positive message with teens, but it’s a message we all need to hear. He shares that growing up he worked carrying shingles, as a dishwasher, a deli grocer, a factory worker….He said, “Opportunity looks a lot like work. I’ve never had a job in my Read more…

So this happened. Social media case studies.

24 Jul

type treatment

Not all social media activity can be tracked.  Next time you get asked what the return on investment (ROI) is for social media and you start seraching for social media case studies just share this post. Social Media Case Study (1) Zach posts a cool link on Facebook about 2 friends experimenting dating for 40 days. I click, Read more…

Hi thispopupisannoying (at), Nice to meet you

23 Jul


Today I got an email in my notification box alerting me someone new signed up for my company   The email they used for their log in is this - HUGE SAD FACE. Actually what this person thought to be a “pop up box” is only a “log in box” and it doesn’t attach your Read more…

The key to happiness from a Holocaust survivor

10 May

109 year old Holocaust survivor Alice Herz-Sommer What is the secret of you feeling so good at your age? Optimism. I am looking for the good. Life is beautiful. To be happy. To admire. To thank. Thankful that we are living. Wherever you look there is beauty. And you see beauty everywhere? Everywhere. I know Read more…

It’s May, almost half way through the year – Life Check

1 May

Today is May 1st.  It is also a day I planned to go to yet another conference. Plus have an invitation to attend a private mixer. The mixer is later this afternoon, about 2 hours away, with some savvy business people, so I’d have to choose to miss some of the conference. This is in addition to Read more…