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“F college, make a YouTube account.” Damn, I didn’t get the memo

          Okay  so I am fascinated by Viral Video geniuses like the guys at Mana Energy Drink for Gamers, my good friend Dave Lehre who created the MySpace Movie , who in my opinion launched this whole internet super star craze and now Dave Days who I stumbled across today.  14 Read more…

Twitter is the new press release and Twiist Up is the Woodstock for techies without munchies involved

          This week was tech mania. Woodstock watch out because LA was transformed. Tech Paintball, Tech Zulu anniversary, Twiist Up 5 and Twestival. Nuts!  Gave me plenty of excuses to get out of the house and shmooze with my newfound besties.  I ran into Richard from PR Newswire and made the Read more…

StumbleUpon vs Technorati vs Digg vs Delicious

          All sites to mark what you like and why you like it. I just don’t know. So far for me Delicious is out. Not into it. I feel like I should read technorati more and StumbleUpon is easier to make your mark with the firefox add on and Digg captcha Read more…

Cool… Just discovered Twitter Grand Central

Twitter Grand Central

Okay kiddies… here is the Golden Ticket of Business Resources

Here is a comprehensive resource list from great affordable personal assistants to how to get your new web business off the ground.