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No matter East or West this May you need to be at Big Omaha “WHAT!? What’s in Omaha”

          Gary Vaynerchuk @ Big Omaha 2009 from Big Omaha on Vimeo. This May 2009 will be just about the coolest conference yet – Big Omaha. The best of the best in social media, online content and business tech will be in attendance. Gary Vaynerchuk who I can’t stop writing about Read more…

Web Marketing Therapy. Stop “shoulding” yourself and start taking candy pills

Twitter is the new press release and Twiist Up is the Woodstock for techies without munchies involved

          This week was tech mania. Woodstock watch out because LA was transformed. Tech Paintball, Tech Zulu anniversary, Twiist Up 5 and Twestival. Nuts!  Gave me plenty of excuses to get out of the house and shmooze with my newfound besties.  I ran into Richard from PR Newswire and made the Read more…

Digg on WordPress! Took me hours to figure out

Get your Digg on Wordpress!

REPOST: The SMS Business Card – Never Leave Home With It

Having an SMS Business Card – Ever been out at the grocery store, in an airplane, or at a friends house for a small gathering and sparked a business conversation with someone that could be turned into $$$$ for you…then you reach in your pocket only to find you didn’t bring your business card with you? For you singles…how about the times you meet someone who that chemistry is sparking with and you have to split so fast that you don’t have time to do much more than say a “nice to meet you” and hand your business card…and you don’t have it?